Requests for Proposals Hartford and Sioux Falls Lots for Sale

Requests for PRoposals

The Hartford Area Development Foundation issued two requests for proposals (RFPs) on Nov 1. The first request asks for additional childcare services to be added to Hartford. The second proposal details the need for a tourism related business to complement downtown Hartford. Below you will find information about each request. 

RFP #1 - Childcare Services

Deadline: February 3, 2020

  The Hartford Area Development Foundation and the City of Hartford have determined that there is a community need to expand the supply of daycare options in Hartford to meet future demand. Adequate childcare options are an important service that is required for residential growth to continue. In an effort to ensure that additional daycare services are expanded in Hartford, the HADF and City of Hartford are partnering together to put together this Request for Proposal for a new daycare center. Interested parties are asked to use the following guidelines in drafting their proposal. Questions can be directed to Jesse Fonkert at 528-3338 or


Location: The HADF has committed up to four lots located at 209, 205, 201, and 107 W. South Street  (lots 5B, 5C, 6B, and 6C) to be used in this proposal. Please see map for detailed location. Each lot is currently zoned as community commercial which classifies daycare or childcare as a permitted use. 

Rough Dimensions

- Each Lot – 120 x 73

- Altogether – 120 x 292

Interested parties are asked to submit a proposal that:

1. Expands the current supply of daycare options (if you are a current provider, your proposal must increase your registration size);

2. Includes a detailed building and site plan;

3. Takes into account city building code and ordinances for new construction;

4. Takes into account state regulations for a childcare facility;

5. Includes a business plan;

6. Includes a timeline for the project including start and completion date.

Proposals can be submitted electronically by emailing or via mail at 125. N Main Ave, Hartford, SD 57033 and will be reviewed by the Hartford Area Development Foundation.  The ideal proposal will include the aforementioned information along with a bid on the land. An RFP will be picked and the applicants notified by March 1, 2020. 


RFP #1 - Corresponding Documents

Below you will find a list of corresponding documents. 

RFP #2 - Downtown Redevelopment

Deadline: February 3, 2020


The Hartford Area Development Foundation (HADF) is seeking proposals for a parcel of land it has acquired on Main Ave in Downtown Hartford. Through this proposal process, the HADF is looking to find an interested party that will build a niche business that will attract both local and tourist dollars to downtown. In return, the HADF will sell the lot to the highest ranked RFP for $1.The HADF has identified artisan distilling (as defined by State of South Dakota statute) as a growth industry that would complement downtown. The HADF will give preference to a proposal that achieves that goal but will also consider proposals that meet the below standards. Below you will find information about the lot, judging criteria, and instructions. A Phase I environmental review has been performed on the lot, where no concerns were found, which is available for your review.